Not all of the rings that you see will links toward are necessarily ones that these pages or any other part of this site (and the pages connected with it - ie. the copies of my blog, some pages on Flickr and other social networking sites, the comment journals, and everything else that functions as an extension of my math homework help blog) lie on. As there are a few sites that are closely entangled with this one, I feel that to make sure that people can find their way back to the rings those sites belongs to is only fair to the other members of those rings.

Also ... if you entered my sites through one of the other copies of Contrariwise, and you feel the need to return to your ring through the same copy you came in on, you can use the copy of the ring return page to be found on, Webring Webspace or (ie. 1FreeHosting), as you feel the need. I don't see the point to this, as you'll be seeing exactly the same code taking you to exactly the same point on exactly the same ring no matter which copy you use, but I guess some people enjoy watching pages load? Personally, I'm more of a "watching grass grow" kind of guy, myself - gets me more in touch with nature - but whatever works for these folks.


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