Before you go, I have to give you another warning that will probably prove to be an utter waste of your time, but some people live to complain and so (politically speaking) this is unavoidable, as much as it does needlessly inconvenience others, courtesy of somebody else's lack of courtesy, as it were.

These sites are found on other servers owned by other providers who have different TOS agreements ("Terms of Service") than Some of them have terms of service that are, in some ways, stricter than those found on this service, others (especially Newsguy) are altogether less strict, and I'm not shy about making use of the freedom I'm given. If you follow these links, on some of these pages you may run into material you find offensive. If this bothers you, the solution to your problem is an easy one - just don't follow any of these links, and you'll be safe. If you ignore this warning and continue, you will forfeit any right to complain and be taken seriously. Do you wish to continue, anyway? Or would you rather return to the previous page?

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